Tuesdays Troubles

Well, I started today out a bit behind. Seems that I really don’t want to get up at 600 am when it is cold out. I want to stay where it is nice and warm and snuggle under the covers with a teddy bear. But that does not help getting things done. And as always there is a long list. But I got up and got started and am actually moving along quite well. despite the pain in the lower back. but the hearting pad is just about to come this direction so that will help.

I am trying to get rid of all the piles of papers in my room, and a lot of it is Genealogy. So now I have to decide whether I need to keep it or just scan it into the computer. I have a huge notebook, where some of it is residing right now, and I want to clean that up so that maybe I can put other paperwork that I think that I should keep in there. My problem with just scanning it is that if something should happen to my computer, I have a large possibility of losing the information. But if I can scan and then upload into the Genealogy program that I use. I think that it would save a copy of it and I would be able to get to it again. Of course, uploading land maps and documents like that can be a bit troublesome. But that pile needs to go.

I also just need to bite the bullet and get my Etsy store up and running. I don’t know what I am scared about, except that no one will ever visit it or buy anything. so I need to figure out how to promote it. Then I need to get busy and make more stuff for it. I have plenty of jewelry, but I want to include my eggs, and my quilts and my Gospel sayings that I do in Calligraphy and watercolors. I think that I could have enough things on the site for that.

Well, that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm..

fun little painting
mushroom growing in the yard
oranges for making marmalade

One thought on “Tuesdays Troubles

  1. On your genealogy, get another external drive and scan your paperwork to it, and then label the drive Genealogy. You should also probably save a copy of your genealogy file as a gedcom so t hat it could be imported into any other program. Personally, though, I would box up the paperwork in a plastic container for keeping. You might also want to file folder the records as you scan them so if you need to you can access the information quickly.

    Love that mushroom! It kind of looks like a white apple with a red spot. And those oranges look delicious! Fun little painting, too! ☺


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