Tuesdays Troubles

I can tell that we are about to have a full moon because the cats are starting to act crazy. I did not get good sleep because of that last night. So I might just spent the night in my armchair with everyone locked out of my room and sleep. I wish that I could finally get organized so that my brain does not keep running in circles all night. Which also might help.

I am working on setting up a command central station here in my room. I have found that many of the ideas they implement in the START program may be the answer for me to finally get rid of all the extra papers in my room and to get more organized in the process. Folders are a must to keep some papers, but I have tons of others that I just need to input into the computer and I could get rid of them. Certainly would help for many reasons to get my self better organized because then it would not take so long to get things done. Because now I just sit and stare at the piles of papers.

I got some new succulents yesterday and repotted some and watered everyone, All my plants look really good and some are starting to grow new shoots. I am really happy with the way they are growing. I also picked up some plants for the garden, some potatoes, celery and cabbage. I hope to get them in soon. and they will grow for a few months, We are eating carrots right now and hope to get more put in. I am getting ready to order seed and plants from Seed Savers, Which is a wonderful place to get seeds. Next in the garden I want to put up a trellis for cucumbers and gourds

Well, that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm..

some of my succlents
another dragon
oranges ready to be picked

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