Wednesdays Words

Started the morning off by doing the grocery shopping and then my Bible study, Now I am trying to do some cleaning up in this room so that I can go out the the shop and freeze while I work. Oh well, it will be good for me. I have gotten several things cleaned and finished an egg last nigh which certainly helps that area. I also got 5 more eggs put together so that I can work on them as time allows, and I have a big egg sitting there to be done. I also got cleaned up the beading area, and found two more projects that I will work on next.

I am still trying to decided wither I want to list my jewelry on Etsy or do I want to go to Shopify. I think that Etsy is better since I deal in one of a kind pieces and are not mass producing anything. But I need to make sure that after Etsy takes their price out, that I am still getting what I want for my product. I do that a good artist friend of mine, just took her stuff to Shopify. So I am so undecided. guess I need to ask others what they think. But I am going to put up some photos on Facebook and direct them to my website. I know that my friend also runs sales on the FB account and I am thinking that I might try to do that also. Got to get busy and take some photos so that I can do that.

I am also working on getting my planner to work for me. Right now I fell a bit disorganized with it, but not in a really bad way. I think I am afraid to write things in it , because I don’t want to mess it up and I am not sure that I will get everything done that I write down. I am still adding to the list of things that I enjoy doing and want to work on each week, but as I posted yesterday I have more things that I enjoy then there are days in the week. So I guess I need to slim that list down. but I don’t really want to. I do know that some will be one and done. and I may not every really get into them again. But others are things that I really enjoy and want to finish up what I have in the house and not send them off to GoodWill or something like that. So that becomes a problem. I do know that I am not going to go nuts replenishing yarn or embroidery floss. But I am still going to make prayer shawls for the church, and I will still be doing some embroidery work through a group that I belong to. This is really a huge dilemma.

Well, that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm..

train club layout
you never know what you will see in town

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