Wednesdays words

I don’t know when It got to be today, I think I missed yesterday, somehow. And Today has not been the best day. I went to visit my chickens and found that one had been mauled by her sisters to the point that there pretty much were only feathers left and her legs. uggggggggggg. I hate it when these darn birds get cannibalistic.and eat each other. I then had to clean the house and the coop and then chase one around because some how she found something left and was eating on it. NOPE.

I have just about finished the Geisha Girl. I have about 14 rows left to do and I hope to get 8 done yet today. I have already done 8, but I think I can get 8 more done. I have put most of the beads up and started cleaning the area up and moved that big table out of my room. Now I feel like I have more room in here and I can easily work off the smaller table. And The room is really starting to take on a nice vibe. and with using my Reike training I am going to bless the room and hopefully that will calm the energy down and I will be much more productive in the next year.

I am starting to work on getting my planner up and running for next year and hope that I will be able to follow through on all the things that I want to get done. I have pages for books that I want to read and for books of the bible that I read, as well as self care and habit pages along with mood pages and then just the regular pages for notes and weekly activities. I really hope that I don’t get overwhelmed with all of it and stop a few months in.

Well, that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm..

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