Wednesdays Words

I started the morning out making apple butter. it takes about 10 hours to make with the slow cooker, and we are on hour 3 right now, so still some time to go. I also made a wonderful Apple dump cake last night that the DH loved. In fact he loved everything about dinner.

I am busy catching up on some of my art journaling, and my bible journaling, and the 30 days of lists. That one is lots of fun so far. I hope to get some sewing done this next week and I need to stay away for the computer. Haha like that will happen. What I really need to do is to concentrate when I am on the computer and not get distracted with all the other things, like you-tube, and pintrest, and facebook, altho I am having to post things there daily.

I really hope to someday be more organized in my activities, and not want to jump from thing to thing. Just work on one or two projects until they are ndone, and then start something new. But I don’t think that will ever happen

Bible journaling
funny mushroom
Nyomie the gnome all repainted.

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