Mondays Musings


Another week has come and gone, and it flew by like no ones business.  I am trying so hard to get caught up with everything.  But it seems the harder I try,  the less I seem to get done.  Like for example,  Yesterday.  I have bunch of You-tube videos for making jewelry.  I decided that I would spend all of Sunday working on jewelry,  most specifically  doing the you tube videos.  Now none of the videos were hard,  but for some reason,  I only managed to get 2 done, and half of another one.  OK , so I had time out for grocery shopping, and lunch and dinner, but still.  I should have gotten more accomplished.  Now I feel like I will never get caught up. and  never mind that I have close to 40 patterns that I want to sit down and do.    It is the same with doing the eggs. I get started, but never seem to get ahead.

It has been raining a bit,  not as much as I would like,  but the garden is happy with the rain.  Everything has taken off and is blooming and starting to set fruit.  So soon, I will be in the middle of canning and freezing and whatever else I can do to preserve the harvest.   I am excited about all the food that we will get this year.  Lots of beans and peas , cucumbers, squash and beets, and tomatoes.   I am really enjoying this.

I am even going to get brave and get some  more supplies for all my work.  Haha.  Hope everyone has a great day today.


Well,   that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm.


Train was last made in the 1940’s


This train was last made in the 1950’s Both found in Newberry Fl.





Happy Chicken

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