Wednesdays Words

Wow,  I knew that it would take a long time for me to heal from the knee surgery,  I just never realized that my stamina would go to H— in a hand basket.  I mean, Really?  I find that I can not stand up and do anything for more then 10 minutes,  then I must sit down before I fall down.   Not fun.  So there.

I did get out and try to walk around the property yesterday. about did my self in and I am paying for it today, but I wanted to get some photos and also pull some of the lemons off the tress since they have budded and I want a good crop for next year.  My friend Richard had to carry the basket of lemons to the house, because I had no strength left to do so.

I am still trying to reorganize the studio upstairs to get it so that I can work a bit more efficiently, and I think right now I have it a bit more under control.  I still have a few places to clean and reorganize, but on the whole,  I have my work areas well defined.  Now for the big studio outside.  I need to organize all the fabric and start getting some major quilting done.  I also need to get the electrical run for the trains and finish the layout.  As well as carving some eggs, and playing with resin for some jewelry, I also have Two huge acrylic pours to do, and I do mean huge. One is a saw blade from an old portable saw mill, that is about 3 feet across.  That is going to be one big pour, since it has to be done all at the same time.

I still have a few projects that I want to do, and use up the supplies that I have so that I can reduce the amount of stuff that I have for it.  Some of the things that I want to do,  I am not sure that after I do them or at least try them,  I will want to continue doing that type of art work, so that will help in getting stuff cleaned up and put away. I have lots of cross stitch left to do,  but once I finish with what I have,  I think that I might just be done with that.  the eyes are getting older and it is getting harder to see the work, even with my magnifying glasses on.  I have several that are projects from one of Mother Hens  (Mary Jane’s) books and I really want to do them.  They are really cute.  I also have lots of other things to do as well,  that I love the design on, and once done , I need to find a place to hang them.  Right now, I am making a picture using nothing but beads.  and that will definitely get framed and hung up.

Well,   that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm.






red rose




lemons and loquats

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