Mondays Musings

Another week of social isolation.  Thank goodness, I love being alone in my room working on something. so that has been my week.  I only went out for therapy and for a few other Doctor appointments.  Other then that I am upstairs in the craft room doing projects and trying to get things done.

I did get some jewelry done, and I also worked on my prayer journal and my Lent gratitude journal.  I have also been busy cleaning up my room so that I can get some photos taken of my work space.  I need to get out to the shop to do the same, but that probably won’t happen until tomorrow.  One of the Jewelry instructors  Sabine L.  held a class on FB for some of us that wanted to play and I got a really cool bracelet made from that.  I loved one of the components so much that I am making extra of them for whatever I want to do with them.

I am going to plant in the garden this week and hopefully I can get the flower garden fixed up as well.  I have lots of flowers to plant.  I hope that my transplants get here this week, but with what is going on in the world,  I wonder if they will.

We really could use some rain as well.  The clouds are out there, but no rain, and everything is dry.  I worry about the pond in the back getting really dry.  I will check on it this week, because I hope to go back to hunt  hopefully tomorrow


.Well,   that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm.


iris blooming


my FB bracelet


little wild flowers




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