Mondays Musings

Gosh where did the week go. I feel like it was just yesterday that I did last weeks blog.  I did have a good week .  I started getting the seeds ready for the garden, and I did get to the studio for the first time since the knee surgery.  I actually did make some little cute mug rugs and then decided that the next time  I was there, I was going to take all the fabric out of the cabnit and refold and reorganize so that I could find everything.  and all the little scraps are going to get sewn together to make a scrap quilt.

I realized that I had several quilts, where I had the pattern and the material all sitting there, but I have not gotten to them.  I need to get this done as I am taking up space for new quilts  that I want to get done.  and none of them are hard to do. so what is my problem.

Saterday the hubby and I went to Folkston Funnel in GA. to watch the trains,and take photos.  Got there right before two trains went through, one Southbound, the other Northbound runnign emptys.  I got some good photos of them as well as a good vidio of the Northbound.  Then we sat for 4 more hours and nothering came through.  apparently, really strange for that run, except that they were working on a track just north of where we were, and I think they held up some trains so that the work could get done.  It is not far from the house, so we will go back again.

I did get some jewlery made this week as well, and then I cleaned up the jewelry area, and found even more that I need to do.  So I started making a stack of jewlery to do.  At the end of the  month I am going to start getting some eggs made and just concentrate on those for a week or more.


Well,   that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm.




Southbound with Northbound waiting on the siding in the distance




flowers in the Yard


pretty Azalea

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