Mondays musings

Ok,  I think  that the world has gone crazy.   Everyone wanting Toilet paper and drinks ( soda pop) and lots of food on the shelf.  What are you afraid of.  dying of starvation, or the virus, which is not going to cause a major Poo problem?  I mean, Really?

I went out for the first time, with the new knee, and the cane instead of the walker.  I did pretty good, and dont think that I overdid it,  I have enjoyed getting out of the house and feeling like a human again.  I am still working on old projects, and still have lots to do, but I feel better about things.  My knee is doing good, bending at 115 degrees and I can now sit comfortably in a chair.  (one month post surgery)  I am actually ahead of the curve in getting better and I like that.

One of the places I went was to the train show.  It was slim pickings because of the virus of course. but I did find a few things that I wanted so  not a bad day.  I have posted a few photos of the Ocala Train Club Layout at the end.

We are getting the garden ready for the rest of spring planting.  I have lots of seeds and also lots of transplants coming in a week so that will be good for this year.  I have peppers that I hope to dry and crush this year to be able to preserve them. I am also excited about that.  Some of the flowers have been blooming,  but I have not been able to get photots  because of the knee.  I do have a few though.

Well,   that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm.


flowers on one of my trees


close up of the flowers




buildings in the layout


one of the trains

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