Mondays musings

Woke up to rain  and thought well, there goes my day.  but not really,  since I wanted to go out and clean the studio, now that I have a bunch done in the studio in the house.  I also have several projects out there that I want to do. and can not wait to get started.  I am trying to declutter as I clean, and I think that a lot of quilting Magazines will be going to the friends of the library.  That way I have room for other stuff.

I had fun this past week,  getting projects done and getting more cleaned up in the studio.  I can now find floor space and desk space.  The big thing is that the three chairs up here can all be sat in without having to move things.   That is a biggy for me as I always seem to have stuff in the way.

Hunting season is over, and now I need to start getting some things done in the back.  I have seen some of the little mushroom that grow on trees that harden quite nicely and I want to try to harvest the bigger ones for art projects and to sell with my supplies for the egg shows.  So I hope to take the Gator back there this week and start collecting.  Then I can move stuff to the burn pile and get some more cleaned up.   I also want to get the bird feeder set up back there so that I can go back and get photos.

I have some plants that I want to move to the house, so that is another project to get working on this week.  and I have a hunting knife  that I want to make.  So we shall see how it goes.  Also I am getting some crochet done and trying to work through all the yarn that I have collected for the past 5 years.  most will be turned into prayer shawls for the church,  but I also have some market bags that I want to do with some chiffon ribbon.  And I still have a bunch of DIY projects to do and post here.  So I guess. I better get busy.

Well,   that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm.


early morning


blooming azaela




fern growing on a log


log mushrooms


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