Mondays Musings

I would like to say that this was a rather uneventful week and it pretty much was.  I did spend time working in the shop cleaning it up and getting organized.  I still have things to get done out there, but all in all,  a lot got done.  I spent part of the time working on a large egg and I had hoped to finish it on Friday,  but think that It will be Monday instead that I get it done.  I have to build a staircase from the bottom of the base up to the egg, and it is giving me difficulty.  I really need about 4 hands in order to keep things steady while I glue other things together to help hold it.

I managed to get a photo of  a bird this week.  I thought it was a hawk originally, but when I looked at the photos,  I said that I have never seen a hawk in those colors.  I do believe that it is a falcon.  I think that I actually saw it a couple of weeks ago back in the woods,  but thought that I was seeing an owl.   I took several photos of the bird so hopefully  I can figure out what it is.

I have been doing a lot of art journaling and getting new journals made and set up so that I can just keep going with this.  I love getting ideas down on paper, ideas about art, painting, my jewelry, because I can decide that if I have a stone in a specific color, I know what colors will work with it and then use that to design a piece of jewelry.  I enjoy mixing colors to see what works.


Well,   that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm.


the unknown bird


another of the bird


momma deer back at the west blind


star lily


camilla in bloom

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