Wednesdays Words

I have gotten the furniture done, and the quilts made, all 1/12 scale for dollhouses.  They are now ready for the show.  and the boxes are almost packed, and everything labeled.

I have also gone and gotten some more plants for the butterfly garden.  I really want to be able to attract as many as possible as will as the hummingbirds and sone birds.  I have two windows in the studio that look out over the garden and are great places to take photos from for the birds.  I hope to get some good ones this next year.

I have gotten the craft room cleaned up a bit, and have also reorganized several areas.  I have sent my friend some designs that I want to put on some duck eggs so that I can practice doing the art of Pysanky.   I have just started learning, and I have several designs that I want to do.  I hope that they will turn out.

Still have work to do in the house trying to symplify our lives.  We both tend to keep papers that we don’t need to keep and we both have way to many magazines for our hobbies.  I am glad that most mags. are putting several years on CD’s which helps with getting rid of the extra paper.  I am planning to get some from some of my hobbies this year, so that I can clean up more of this book case.

Well,   that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm.


necklace that I did from a Facebook challange


Sculptober Sleepy dragon


little purple dragon


cool car


fimo clay jewlery for the Sculptober challange

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