Wednesdays Words

I have been in Sacramento at the Northern California Egg Show, where I got to meet up with many of my friends. I enjoyed talking and catching up on their lives and learning new things as well as making new friends. I also got mentors who are helping me to redefine my business and hopefully take it to another level

I also think that I am finally getting some good sleep and am now looking forward to getting myself back on track. I have made it my mission to improve my overall health this year. And am now looking forward to being able to spend quality time on me as well as all the projects that I want to do.

I have another show in 2 weeks and I have projects to get ready for shows at the end of the year. So I guess I will be busy for the next few days getting projects started and others finished up. I hope that anyone else who has problems with the direction their life is going, will have some good mentors out there that will give them ideas to jump start them in the right direction

Well, that’s the news from the South

Happy farming and see yal next time

Down on the farm

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