Wednesdays Words – DIY

I have been making several envelope junk journals. just to have for some of my art journaling.  I though I would give you a tutorial on how to make them.

Take about 20 envelopes of the same size.  Then lay them out in 2’s.  You want to take the flaps and put them inside each other with the outsides of the flaps being on the outside of the envelope.  You can add a piece of doublesided tape under the flap to help secure it.

After getting all  the groups of two done,  you then want to go back and add them all together.  You will use the same method of assembly with the outside being up as you added them into one stack.  Once you have them all together there should be one flap left over which you will fold over the group of ten  pages.  You can secure that with glue or doublesided tape.

Now you have a nice little envelope book that you can go ahead and decorate, or you can add a cover to it.20190122_111346

To do the cover. you will take some thin cardstock and cut it a few centimeters larger than the envelopes.  You will also cut a spine that is just a bit bigger then the envelopes when they are stood on their side upright.20190122_113242

You will then take some scrapbook paper and laying the cardstock out on it , mark it about 1/2 inch bigger all the way around.  Make sure that your cardstock pieces fit on the one piece laid out next to each other.  If not . you will have to add another piece of cardstock to the first overlapping them where the spine of the cover is.

Then glue the cardstock down to the paper. When it is dry, cut the corners off at an angle. and fold the paper over the cardstock and glue it down. after that is dry you can use either the front and back of the envelope book to cover the inside or you can add another piece of scrapbook paper.  This piece you would cut about 2 cms inside the cardstock.


When this is dry , you will glue in the group of envelopes .  You can then decorate the front cover  and now you have a great little junk journal to keep your art or journal notes in.



Well,   that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm.

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