Tuesdays Tunes

I am listening to the little tweety birds outside and loving their sounds.  I have bird feeders and birdhouses set out for them and I have about 6 families of Eastern Bluebirds.  I got to thinking about Christmas, or just anytime you might want to make something for all the feathered friends.

Teacup and Saucer  Bird feeder.

This would be a fun craft activity to do with older children (with adult supervision), a charming homemade gift for Mother’s Day, or even a hostess gift for a bird lover or gardener.  It’s fairly straightforward, only requiring a few items.


1.  Teacup and saucer–This can be anything you have on hand, mismatched or otherwise.  I found a few individual vintage teacups and saucers at a local antiques store for $10.00 or less.20181030_151124

2.  Sandpaper

3.  Super adhesive glue–I used E6000.

4.  Twine, string, or yarn

5.  Birdseed–My birds seem to like a sunflower and safflower seed mix.


1.  Thoroughly wash and dry teacup and saucer.

2.  Use sandpaper to scratch teacup and saucer where the two surfaces meet.  This helps them to adhere together once glued.

3.  Squeeze a small amount of glue onto the surface of the saucer.  Next, tip teacup onto its side and place on top of the glue.  Allow 24-48 hours before hanging outside.

4.  Pour birdseed into teacup bird feeder and hang in your garden.

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