Wednesdays Words

So here are the details from Mexico.

So we get there, and get a taxi to the hotel. Holiday Inn, and it is really nice. only 15 years old but they build it like an old colonial style hotel. I have photos to download, and I will send you some.

The traffic is crazy, and there are cops everywhere. and I mean everywhere. and speed bumps like every mile. and the roads are 4 lanes across and then a tree break and two more lanes. All that just in one direction. so really one road can be 12 lanes across and no stop lights. people just cut across the road.and really no one payes attention to the white lines if there are any. and there are no roads to get from one highways system to another, so you go off the main road into small neighbor hoods and after a few right turns, you end up on the other road. I would never drive there.

Then we went to eat in the hotel restaurant. very small and quaint, but really good food. I had cactus for the first time. tastes like green beans not bad at all. also had Hibiscus juice. taste like a sweeter version of cranberry juice, and very good for you. We then relaxed for a bit. At dinner went met up with another lady taking the class and her husband. This lady is from Costa Rico.

Friday my friend Conchita and her husband came ad took us to town to go shopping.  I bought supplies for making more dolls and other things.  less then 40 dollars.  then we walked around a bit and saw a few things.  did not get to the church of Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe.     Really had wanted to go,  but Yvonne could not walk that far.  So saving that for another time. I hope.

Classes were from 8 in the morning to 9 at night.  made for a really long day,  but other then my meltdown on Saturday, I did good.  the biggest problem was they would go so fast and in Spanish, and I felt lost the first day.  after the other girls realized that I was a bit lost.  they would stop what they were doing and show me what I had to do next.

So I did manage to just about finish the work. I will post photos of the two projects.

After two long days,  we packed up and headed home.  I really would love to go back and wonder in the downtown area  more.  I would love to see the church and also do some more shopping. as well as see the ruins that were found a few years back right in the middle of town.  There is lots more to see and do, and I really enjoyed this short trip.



Well,  that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm.

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