Monday Musings Cold Weather

  Frost on the ground

   A Nice weekend with rain ,  lots of rain,  which of course I don’t complain about because we can always use the water.   We have been a drought for several years, and the water table can always use some help.      But again it was just enough to close down one of the major roads that runs through town.  That road has not really been fully reopened since Hurricane Irma went thru.   It runs through a Prairie here,  and the water has actually covered the road by several feet.  Which of course has let the Alligators travel from one side to the other and the snakes.   

    So of course that also meant sleepy time animals.  He was watching the Army/ Navy Football game..  I guess he got bored.    We could learn alot from cats.  like how to slow down and enjoy the day.

   I am gearing up for another fun filled time with friends.  I hope to post during that time,  but depends on the schedule.   I want to show other areas of the world to people who might not get a chance to visit there.

   Hope you have enjoyed my ramblings.  Come back tomarrow for more .

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