Thinking of christmas.

Well.  here it is  already December 1.  The year has flown by and I really can not tell you where all the time went.   I have started to get a bit nervous because I usually have most of my Christmas shopping done by June.  and I really have not started yet.

I actually like making many of my presents and so I though I would give a bit of a short DIY idea for a little childs room

Initials of child  ( can just be the first initial)
pompoms assorted colors.or paper or silk  flowers assorted colors.or sequins ( found on a elastic backing)
White glue
Paint ( clor of room or white)

Paint the Monogram initial(s)  Allow to dry.  Then using white glue,  paint the top of the monogram.   Then add the flowers  or the Pompoms to the top and let dry.   Hang in the childs room.

If using the sequins, you can wrap the sequins around the monogram and then finish it off with a silk flower.

Hope you enjoy this little project.

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