Growing plants

The baby chicks are really growing

     Seems that everything is starting to grow now.  Flowers in bloom and trees budding out and blooms on the fruit trees,  keeping me busy as well as the garden with new tomatoes starting from seed and other vegetables.  The potatoes are already taking off and the peas and beans are growing like wildfire.  I should have lots of produce to freeze and can this year.

     I have been quilting again as well as working on lots of other art work.  I am still doing my art journal and have now started bible journaling.   I am enjoying my chance to go back and read the bible and write down how I feel about different verses.  My art journal is all over the place with writing, water colors, and paper empheria.   I enjoy it and it is allowing me the chance to do some art.

One of the beautiful amaryllis that grow in front of the studio. 

The outside of the house is done, and they are getting ready to start the inside.  Hopefully in the next month we will be moving in.  and I am finally getting excited.    I am starting to design the front entrance with the plants and grass and how the drive way will work, So hopefully you will get to see that soon.

                                 Well,  that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next week. down on the farm.

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