Still Under construction

                                               The most updated photo of the house.

              It is beginning to look like the house in my vision,  but we still have a way to go.  the roof is not finished yet and there is still some more railing to go up.  and Of course the inside still needs to be finished.  We have to get the roof finished before we get the next inspection and then we can start on the inside.

             The new chicks are growing like crazy.  they have started getting feathers and little attitudes. But they are really cute and quite funny.  They hear me talking and run to all corners of the cage.
I am really looking forward to the fresh eggs that we are going to be getting.

               Worked in the garden this week as well.  Finished planting all the vegetables that were direct sow into the garden. and then planted all the others,  such as peppers and tomatoes in flats in the greenhouse.  and  now of course it is going to freeze.   The orange tree is blooming as well as both the lemons, and the fig trees are covered in new leaves.   I am going to try to protect as much as I can but I wont be able to save everything.   GRRRRR.

    I have also been working on quilting some tops in hopes to get caught up with everything.  I hope to have two tops done tomorrow  I was asked by someone to remake a quilt that had belonged to her mother in law.  the Other sister in law had worked on it and well things were not great.   This is what is left of the quilt.

Seems like the sister in law decided to deconstruct the quilt and used scissors to just cut the squares off the top of the quilt.    Oh what fun.  but it is beginning to come together.

                                 Well,  that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next week. down on the farm.

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