the Week in review.

Well.  as you can see from the photo,  I finally got to put up some bread and butter pickles this week.  Not a lot,  but better that nothing.  With all the rain that we have had  I have not had too much coming from the garden.  Most is rotting on the vine.
                 Another problem this week,  was while I am out cutting the grass  ( yes, in the rain)  the mower just quits on me.  When I try to restart it,  it makes a dreadful noise and cuts off again.  So  I get down and open the hood,  and then try to start it again.  Well,  the whole engine and the radiator start to shake like nobodies business.  and the engine cuts off.   I am thinking a motor mount has broken,  and this tractor is only two years old!!!!   I am not amused.   You really cannot weld a motor mount back on  with this type of engine,  I better get a new tractor.    It has gone to the shop.

         And then if that were not bad enough,  I go into sew these really cute baby bibs  that I found on line,  and half way thru the sewing machine decides that it is not going to play anymore.   It is not picking up the bobbin thread. So it is in the shop, and won’t be done for about two weeks.   I finished the baby bibs by hand.  (not amused)

        Oh my,  I just looked out the window and the SUN is shinning,  for the first time in a week.   I think I almost forgot what is was like to see sunshine.

       The only good thing  this week is that we finally got the boat back from being repaired.  and it did not cost an arm or a leg and maybe if it quits raining for any length of time,,we can go fishing.  That would be fun.

     I am going to be a good farm girl and go clean and organize my recyclables as today is garbage day and I need to get them out.
      Have a wonderful farm girl week and I will see you later.


2 thoughts on “the Week in review.

  1. Winnie Nielsen August 6, 2015 at 5:24 AM
    This HAS been the week of rain on top of rain! Hopefully the tractor has a simple problem to fix! It better get over not liking rain and humidity because we aren’t done with this mess yet! August , it seems, is one of our hardest months to slog through here in north Florida!!!

    Your pickles look delicious and I am glad you got to put up some jars from your garden harvest. This constant rain and humidity are just not friendly to gardens these days. Hopefully you fall garden will be happier!


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