Air Conditioning AT Last

                  Well,  We got the air conditioning in the house on Monday.  It already feels so much better in there.  Now I can actually get in there and work.  So I am happy.   
                I am working right now on one of my art projects because I have a show coming up next month.  and I need to get alot of stuff done.  Work continues on the farm,  but still as a snails pace because of the weather.   It is still raining every day, and wet grass is not good for cutting,  and really not good for getting other stuff done.  Like using chain saws.
               We are getting ready to replace the culverts into the farm from the main road.   This involves getting the county to give us the correct elevation and correct drainage length before we can start.   That in itself  will be a big project.    After we get them in,  we are going back and adding cement to the ends to keep them from collapsing. 
              Then hopefully we will be working on the big group of trees,  there is lots to burn in there an lots to either cut down or pull out by the roots  (sweet gum trees) .  They are very opportunistic. and love to take over.

 All of those have just sprung up in the lat year.   Ugg.  You can also see the beginning of another compost pile,  which I hope to have in better shape in the next week.
          I hope you  have a good week  and I will see you next week,  down on the farm.

2 thoughts on “Air Conditioning AT Last

  1. Winnie Nielsen July 30, 2015 at 5:00 AM
    HI Rebecca!! Is this you that I met a few weeks ago? You are the only person I know who decorates eggs. I love the photos of your farm! It was great to meet with you and I hope we can do it again. Ugg, I cannot imagine doing anything without AC down here!! Glad you got yours finally fixed!


  2. Ginger Dawn Harman July 30, 2015 at 1:55 PM
    Great post but I am curious as to this art project that you are working on! I think Winnie has given a hint. As for the air conditioning, Oh it has been a very hot summer. Happy that you can cool off after a hard days work outdoors!


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