Cleaning and Designing

I have been working on cleaning some of the crystals that we got in Arkansas. I had picked up some clusters that I could not really tell if they were any good or not because of all the mud. I have cleaned a few of these and am really happy with what I got. I have started designing some of these to be wire wrapped and set into silver jewelry.
I also went home to visit Mom for a while She is still spry and we had a good time talking about old friends and places we had been. I rode themower and did a good days work mowing down the weed out at the farm. and yes the rain came every afternoon right on time.

I was elected secretary for the Wild West Bead Society. I will be a fun year. the ladies in this group are very talented and I have learned alotfrom them. I really feel that my beading has improved due to the teaching and creative help that I have received from them. I hope that we have some great programs and classes this next year.
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